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On-Site: Your Arizona Restaurant Kitchen Hood Cleaning Company

Commercial Hood Cleaning Company Phoenix

On-Site Commercial Cleaning Services is a kitchen hood cleaning company near and around the Phoenix metro area. We specialize in keeping commercial kitchens clean and safe. Frequency of cleaning and maintenance depends on how much usage the kitchen hood receives,

Commercial Kitchen Hood Preventive Maintenance Tips

COMMERCIAL KITCHEN HOOD MAINTENANCE As we discussed in our previous blog, commercial kitchen fires due to improperly cleaned hoods and exhaust systems are a significant risk to restaurants. Other than cleaning your hoods, you can also implement a simple commercial

Restaurant Kitchen Hood Cleaning and Fire Prevention

With most recent reports showing commercial kitchen fire damage costing businesses over $56-million, it is extremely important for you to keep your kitchen safe. A proper restaurant kitchen hood cleaning is the best fire prevention you can make to avoid

The Importance of Cleaning your Commercial Kitchen Restaurant Hood

Regular Cleaning Prevents Grease Buildup in Commercial Kitchen Ventilation There are many local and state laws and regulations pertaining to the cleaning frequency that is required for commercial kitchen hoods in Arizona restaurants and food service facilities.  It’s important to bring

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Commercial Kitchen Floor Cleaning Example

Not only does On-Site Commercial Services provide commercial kitchen hood cleaning services, but we also clean commercial kitchen floors with our Hydro-Vac cleaner. This photo gives a standard example of the results we provide for average commercial kitchen flooring tiles and

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Oct. 7 kicks off National Fire Prevention Week

National Fire Prevention Association Next week, Oct. 7 through 13, marks annual National Fire Prevention Week and On-Site Commercial Services wants to spread the word. The annual nationwide public awareness campaign was first observed in the early 20th Century by the International Fire

Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Example

Clean Kitchen Hood

On-site Commercial Services believes safety is important. That’s why we are proud members of the National Fire Protection Association. Shown here is one of our immaculately cleaned kitchen hoods. It not only looks great, but it is also safer to

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A restaurant kitchen hood inspection

Just because the people dining in your restaurant don’t see the kitchen rooftop doesn’t mean it should be unsafe, unsanitary, or unsightly. Proper maintenance and cleaning can prevent even bigger headaches down the road. Most chefs prefer to keep flaming

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